Backing BLM & The BLUE

As Co-Founder of Battle4Children Charities, as well as a retired 36 year veteran in law enforcement, I and Battle4Children stand for racial equality. Remembering growing up in South Philadelphia, I can empathize, living life as an Italian, proud of my heritage, but that didn't stop those who came from another culture who constantly showed their dislike for Italians, calling us every name in the book and of course then came the physical assaults. Unless you owned your own business, inequality in pay was also present back then.  With that said I can empathize with BLM and their stand on equality. We are all brothers and sister in Christ. We may come from different cultures, backgrounds, etc., but just like the flowers that bloom in our gardens, the variety of color, texture, growth, smell, makes for its beauty.


As a retired law enforcement officer, what I don't condone is the rioting or the looting and all the lawlessness that has and continues to occur throughout our country and abroad. I also do not condone corrupt law enforcement, but I have learned that only a very small percentage of our law enforcement community of brothers and sisters do not honor their badge, making the rest of us fall short in the eyes of neighbors. As law enforcement officers we are taught to respect race, culture throughout the communities we serve. We are also taught to enforce as well as to uphold the law, because we are not above it. Throughout my years as a law enforcement officer I treated everyone, even those I have arrested, just like I would want to be treated, with respect.  For those that came with an unprovoked attitude, did not warrant a returned verbal response, but rather handcuffs and a free ride to jail, and without one bruise on either person. From my experience, that's how many of my fellow officers, whom I have worked alongside, treated every individual. With respect.

With that said, let us work together, respect each other, to bring equality to reality for everyone. Let's work together as a community, alongside one another, to keep peace, show love and support, in order to keep everyone safe, healthy and happy. 

Art Salvagno, Founder/CEO

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