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Summer Is Upon Us

(Do you know where your child is?)

Our Vision

Battle4Children Charities envisions communities that are stronger and healed from child sexual abuse. We will lead the way by empowering the support services and advocacy groups of victims of child abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking to increase awareness and provide therapeutic services expeditiously.

Art Salvagno,
Our Founder

Our Mission

Battle4Children Charities exists to raise funding and awareness for therapeutic services of victims and families of child sex abuse in the Greater Philadelphia area resulting from human trafficking, broken homes, institutional grooming, pedophilia and others.

The Positive Side with Host Anne DeSantis


Battle of the Christian Bands

1st Place 

The Christa Dea'na Band

ChristaDeana_6-copy.jpg  |    Philadelphia, PA 19149   |   |    (267) 738-3369

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