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About Battle4Children Charities

Battle4Children is a True 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. What does that mean to you? It means all of our members are 100% volunteers, from its founders down. Some are victims of abuse whether it's physical, mental or sexual and grew up in abusive relationships. Art & Marie Salvagno co-founded  Battle4Children while Art was still employed by the Philadelphia Police Department Special Victims Unit, alongside his coworkers, investigating over 3000 child abuse cases annually in Philadelphia alone.  

We are here to help provide a voice for victims who haven't found theirs since their traumatic experience. We are available to speak at your event or  fundraiser. Battle4Children also holds various events of their own annually which are posted on our events page. Visit this site often for updates.

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Our Vision

Battle4Children Charities envisions communities that are stronger and healed upon conquering the trauma inflicted by child sexual abuse. We will lead the way by empowering the support services and advocacy groups of victims of child abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking to increase awareness and provide therapeutic services expeditiously.

Our Mission

Battle4Children Charities exists to raise funding and awareness for therapeutic services of victims and families of child sex abuse in the Greater Philadelphia & Surrounding Communities in the Tri-State Area, resulting from human trafficking, broken homes, institutional grooming, pedophilia and others. Our Goal is to make trauma specific therapy readily available, and has recently took on a Chester County non-profit, to help support. They work with many community partners. They also provide a solution to the range of challenges inherent in local systems. Together we seek to expedite support as well as overcome financial and accessibility roadblocks.

With specially trained, trauma-informed therapists throughout Chester County, they are able to reach more children—and more quickly (within 2 weeks)—to help them on their journey to heal. With this joint venture, Battle4Children looks to expand that reach to Philadelphia and other surrounding counties with services that include Talk Therapy, Play Therapy, PCIT (Parent-Child Interactive Therapy, Equine Therapy for Adolescents and soon to come, Art Therapy, Martial Arts Empowerment and Agriculture Life Therapy.

Art Salvagno, Our Founder

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