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What we do

We, at Battle4Children Charities, look to raise awareness through our events and seminars, in order to stop the chaos of child abuse occurring throughout the tri-state area. Through our annual fundraising events, selling of merchandise, concerts and informational seminars funds are raised so children and their caretakers, traumatized by human trafficking, sexual abuse & domestic violence, can receive expedient services, and even prevent incidents from occurring.

Fundraiser Events like : 

  • Painting with a Purpose

  • Comedy Night

  • Axe Throwing

  • Live music with Christian bands

  • Silent auctions with fifty-fifty and love offerings and many more

How we do it


The Issue:

We learned that children and their caretakers, tortured by human trafficking, sexual abuse and domestic violence, inflict trauma that is not only on a physical level, but mentally as well.

This comes under our attention that existing cases at that time were just over 2,400 cases of child abuse in the city of Philadelphia annually. Its heartbreaking to say that as of now, in 2023 the caseload has now leads to over 3,000 cases annually in Philadelphia alone.

Many are working towards solving this issue and providing child advocacy with expedient trauma specific therapeutic services. There are therapists or counselors to help provide services through organizations Battle4Children helps support. 

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Our Solution

 We, at Battle4Children Charities, support organizartions that provide trauma-specific therapy.  We support them with much-needed funds raised via our many annual fundraising events so that children and their caretakers traumatized by human trafficking, sexual abuse and domestic violence, can receive expedient services.  

Our dedicated team works hard every day to prevent child abuse and neglect before it happens. Collectively, we create, interpret, and distribute innovative research on new and existing child abuse prevention solutions and develop a wide range of valuable tools for parents and caregivers.

We also advocate for meaningful change at the national, state, and local levels and raise awareness of supportive programs that help children and families in communities across the country.

what we do

Our Journey

In the words of Art Salvagno,
Founder of Battle4Children 

Battle4Children was first called Battle of the Christian Bands in 2010 and became a non-profit 501c3 in 2015, changing its name to Battle4Children Charities.

"In the beginning, when battle was formed, it wasn't that there weren't enough therapists or counselors to help provide services, it was the lack of space that some children weren't receiving services for months to almost a year in some cases. This was learned not only first-hand, but through interviews with other police organizations, such as Hampshire Police, UK during a radio interview on Sunday Worship & Talk with Art & John. Art Salvagno's Radio/Podcast with guests who, themselves, were victims and now survivors.


In 2015 Battle of the Christian Bands became what is now Battle4Children Charities a 501c3 non-profit. Unlike many other non-profits, Battle4Children is a 100% Volunteer, No-Wage, No-Salary organization, from its founder down. The journey began back in 2011 when we had our first Battle of the Christian Bands, which I can say is our flagship fundraiser. So why create a non-profit to help other nonprofits who provide similar services?  Simple! Battle4Children takes over where agencies and hospitals, providing much-needed services leave off. Battle4Children provides the awareness factor, educating the public, hoping families will become more vigilant; and educating their children. Education is the key factor and it begins in the household with the family.


Today I am happy to say we have helped close that space by helping to educate many families along the way, through our annual fundraisers such as our axe throwing and our comedy night, as well as our painting with a purpose and of course, as I mentioned before, our Annual Battle of the Christian Bands. Our annual events help raise just over three thousand dollars, annually, and come from the likes of silent auctions, fifty-fifty, as well as generous love offerings. We can't thank our corporate and individual donors enough who continue to help keep our Battle4Children Mission alive. In 2023 our annual Battle of the Christian Bands has a new name: Christian Musicians Against Child Abuse. With 3 Christian Worship Teams/Bands and 3 Christian Singer/Songwriters filling up 2 categories, helping to raise awareness. I hope to see you at one of our events soon.  God Bless You and Yours."

Thank You!

Art Salvagno

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