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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

It has been almost 2 years since starting this blog. We in the Salvagno household were blessed to escape the coronavirus. We hope and pray that many if not all of our followers and family members escaped it as well. Whether you believe or not in the reality of this virus and the vaccine to help prevent you from winding up in a hospital bed, we hope you are still taking whatever precaution you believe necessary in order to stop the spread. As for us, although we belive we have an awesome immune system, at our age, we believe we have nothing to lose in taking the vaccine. Heck, if it has us grow another eye or limb, it would just enhance our view or reach. If the worst is death, so let it be as we are comforted by the Lord. We have lived a fulfilled life in following God's Plan which He has placed in our hands.

Whatever your belief is, Marie and I wish you all nothing but the best health, all the happiness you deserve, and for you to prosper beyond your wishes. Let us not forget what this season is all about. It's more than just trees, lights and gifts. It's about the joy, love and peace than Jesus brought into this world whe He was born. Let us give Him thanks for not only what He has provided but for what is about to come through God's Grace.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All.

God Bless You All

Art & Marie Salvagno.

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