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Stop The Madness 

There are fundraisers out there for many well deserved charities including various diseases such as cancer. I've known a few people in my lifetime who have succumbed to cancer and I continue to pray for them and their families. I also look at child sexual abuse as a cancer, stripping away a child's innocence, his or her childhood, and without the proper services, the lingering trauma turning to alcohol, drugs, theft and whatever other vicious cycle their predator turned them towards. One organization, one hospital, alone can't stop the madness. That's why, 10 years ago, Battle4Children came to fruition to help and support the many child advocacies and hospitals that provide trauma specific therapy. To educate the public so they have the knowledge to protect their children. Together with our President, and Founder of V.O.I.C.E. LaQuisha Anthony, and our wonderful Battle4Children Board and Volunteers we share in our mission to protect and continue to serve through educating our communities and our local, state and federal governments. Come join our mission to help protect our youth through volunteering or with a small contribution. Go to and click on our Please Donate Button. Every dollar brings us closer to stopping the madness.

Thank you!

Art Salvagno, Founder/CEO

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